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**Disclaimer I do minimal proofreading. I hope this doesn't make you cringe too much. Enjoy!

What Would You Do?

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

If you were me, Let me know what you would do in this situation.

There are about 10 years’ worth of experiences that led up to “The Everyday Movement”. But in this moment, I will just shed some light on the final catalyst, the final straw so to speak, that led me to where I am today.

Take a moment and imagine with me:

Okay, So…you are 24. You have built a life, in a new state, from being 19 and having nothing - just 2 suitcases and 1 box. Now, You have made it to management in your job and finally making a decent salary. You’ve developed a solid group of friends that are like family. You deal with some pretty gnarly health issues, but for the most part - things are relatively dormant. You head into the doctor for a routine check-up and within 30 minutes your life is turned upside-down. You are told that you need to have a surgery that could leave you paralyzed and if you do NOT have surgery you will definitely become paralyzed.

It is October and the doctor says you need to have this surgery before the end of the year!! Within 2 weeks, you pack up your condo and life and move -3 states away- back home, to be with family. You have this surgery the First Monday of January and you wake up paralyzed. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Your condition is far worse than anticipated and your chances of relearning to walk, at a functional level, are slim.

You start your long, grueling, emotional, fight towards recovery. And Finally, after about 3 years, you are walking and functioning at level that allows you to feel like “YOU” again. You’re thinking about what is next for you in life. Will you move states again? Where will you travel? What career do you want to start? You are not certain what is next, but you know that you didn’t make it through those 3 years to not begin building a life that is fulfilling; putting to use all of the mobility you have regained that you once took for granted.

But February of your third year of recovery comes, you are feeling good, despite a recently broken ankle, and you go to the doctor for one of your typical check-ups. You aren’t thinking much of it. You will be in-and-out, or so you think. The Doctor comes in and begins to explain, in a nutshell, that you are going to have to go through all of the relearning to walk ALL. OVER. AGAIN. It is a result of growth in another tumor in your spinal cord. He begins to explain that, based on your scans, he would recommend surgery, right now. But, on the contrary, your physical abilities, exceed what you should be able to do. So he was leaves the decision up to you. Go through all of the years of recovery again, now… or wait and do it later?

What would you do?

Well I Chose… Later. And that started me on the path to “The Everyday Movement”

If you aren’t familiar, you may be wondering “Well Shennea, what is The Everyday Movement”. Don’t worry homie. I got you. But this post is long enough. Ill explain it in another.

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