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The Movement

The Everyday Movement branched off of a personal movement I established, “Everyday Shennea”.  A self-proclaimed movement that was developed after I lost my ability to use my legs and started my journey towards relearning to walk.  “Everyday Shennea” started as a way to challenge myself to push past my perceived limits, to live every day in a way that leads me toward living a life uninhibited by fear and self-doubt.


As I began to embody my personal movement more and more, it ignited an urge to travel. It also uncovered a passion for sharing my journey and promoting "disability"* awareness. With this, I realized that I wanted to use the movement as a means to, not only empower myself, but to empower others, while spreading awareness of those living with physical abilities that are not typical, but just as capable.  


Currently, facing another surgery that can leave me paralyzed.(more on that later) 

My goal is to combine all aspects and travel North America in a converted short-bus, christened the “Movement Mobile”, meeting individuals and sharing experiences, adventures and stories.  This will be a hands-on approach to not only empower myself and others but to also spread “disability”* awareness, through sharing an experience.

Everyday Shennea
"If I choose to challenge myself in the face of fear, seek help in the depths of depression, and fight to overcome anxiety when consumed by self-doubt, I set a standard that there is no other option than to overcome. And soon, what was once considered an obstacle will no longer intimidate. Swimming will become an everyday ability, making it to the bathroom will become an everyday accomplishment, and walking without crutches will become an everyday occurrence.
This is how “Everyday Shennea” originated. A personal movement. A movement to make sure that I am consciously choosing to challenge myself, push myself past my perceived limitations and confront obstacles and thoughts that are anxiety and self-doubt inducing. Ensuring that what I am doing every day, is what I want to be a part of the everyday me. The “Everyday Shennea”...
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